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Weihrauch HW90

Discussion in 'Hunting & Fishing' started by aka fusion, May 12, 2014.

  1. aka fusion

    aka fusion Admin Staff Member eN Team

    Picked up a new (to me) air rifle recently , a Weihrauch HW90 it's a .177 which I've never had before only .22 it came fitted with a walther 3-9x44 night pro scope, which by all accounts is a good quality scope.


    The gun is a Springer which for me equals simplicity.
    Theoben's unique gas-ram seems to have great reviews, so looking forward to me and the lad putting a few tins of pellets through it.

    Now just need to get some shooting permission on land near me and we can get out rabbiting
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  2. Tim_W_alaska

    Tim_W_alaska New Member eN Team Contributor

    That's a nice looking rifle. Haven't had an air rifle in a long time, and kinda miss plinking cans in the backyard.
  3. SinlessEarth

    SinlessEarth Member eN Team Contributor

    It has also been awhile since I have had a good air rifle. I remember my dad had one that was a Beeman I think. Also barrel break like yours. This thing was just as powerful as a 22 rifle but silent. Had a scope and was very accurate. Used it for rabbits as well. Hmm I guess there is another item to add to the list.
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  4. aka fusion

    aka fusion Admin Staff Member eN Team

    Yes it's good fun just for a bit of target practise.
    Yes it's a wise little think to add to that list for a bit of preparedness if nothing else ;)
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