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Review MRE Star’s Meal Ready To Eat Menu 7

Discussion in 'Food and Drink incl Storage' started by aka fusion, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. aka fusion

    aka fusion Admin Staff Member eN Team

    Review submited by thecrownsown

    MRE Star is an American company which specializes in food engineering.
    There flagship products are MRE’s or “meals ready to eat” produced for both civilian and military use.
    MRE Star is a growing name in the emergency preparedness market and can be found increasingly in many outdoors/camping and military surplus stores throughout North America.

    They can also be purchased online at www.mre-meals.net

    The MRE are small convenient pouches completely self contained, water proof, compact and light. They are great for back packs, emergency packs or even Vehicle emergency kits when travelling in remote areas. MRE Star has 8 different meal choices. For the review, we chose to try Menu #7: Vegetarian Chili with Beans.


    Upon opening the package, the contents were easy to separate, and prepare. Within minutes a full meal was ready to consume. The manufacturer had taken care to ensure the product gave maximum calories (essential in an emergency), fortifying the product with vitamins and minerals, while still managing to provide a palatable meal.


    The instructions to prepare the hot portion of the meal were fairly straight forward. All that was needed was some water to start the chemical reaction allowing heat to cook the meal. MRE Star has ingeniously make the package itself the “oven” to cook the food. Within a few minutes, the chilli was prepared for consumption.


    For the purpose of showing the complete meal, it was not eaten “in the wild” persay and has been laid out to give a better understanding of whats in a typical MRE Star.


    • 4 Sugar cookies.
    • Package of dehydrated fruit.
    • Package of trail mix.
    • Pasta.
    • Instant Coffee.
    • Tea Bag.
    • Sugar/creamer.
    • Spoon / Napkin.
    MRE Star provides a great instant meal. There are several positives on the product, but there are a few negatives which are common in most MRE’s on the market.
    Firstly they warming package does not completely warm the food as marketed. It certainly gets hot, and the pouch can double for hand warmers or other applications after your done with the warming of the meal...but it doesn’t truly cook or heat the food thoroughly. Secondly is the cost. MRE’s are simply not cheap.
    They are great to have around in an emergency pack or when in remote regions. There size, and weight make them ideal when your mobile.
    But for long term food storage for any length of time they don’t make economic sense compared to other types of food storage on the market.

    Finally is the shelf life. You will get approximately 5 years shelf life out of an MRE. Not a bad shelf life, but if long term food storage for prolonged periods is your intention this is not the most ideal product. For short term requirements when you have nothing but a little water, this product is excellent.


    Quality of Product: Based on nutrition value, taste, visual appeal. 8/10
    Purchase Cost: Based on other similar MRE’s on the market. 8/10
    Usefullness For Emergency Preparedness: Based on use in an emergency situation. 9.5/10


    The product is great for filling that niche of short term food sustenance needed to survive.
    Light weight and easy to carry it should be considered a staple for all households in limited amounts as part of a larger Emergency Preparedness plan.
    Because of the price, (approx. $8 / CDN per meal) there are more economical ways to prepare and store food.
    But the convenience, weight and mobility and ease of use means these are a must even in smaller quantities.

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