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Review Leatherman Wave Multi Tool (Stainless Steel)

Discussion in 'Knives, Multi-Tools and EDC (Every Day Carry)' started by aka fusion, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. aka fusion

    aka fusion Admin Staff Member eN Team

    Leatherman Wave Multi Tool (Stainless Steel)

    I had the Leatherman Wave as a gift earlier this year.
    Although I carry a SAK as well, the wave really has proven its worth.


    I have found this tools offers a great set of pliers,which i havent been afraid to put under pressure

    This is combined with locking blades (2) a saw and file.The additional tools on the unit have all been commonly used by myself and is often reached for before contemplating the main tool box,especially the small eyeglasse screwdriver its a usefull screwdriver

    The tool came with a leather holder with beltclip, and again meets the quality of the tool.

    I understand its one of Leathermans best sellers and i can understand why, it certainly one to consider if your looking for a multi tool.

    The only thing i would say is that the tool is one the larger ones in the hand and this fine for me, but its something to consider if your have slighter hands.
    A great piece of kit to have with you at work or play.

    Oh, i almost forgot the  Leatherman Wave Multi Tool (Stainless Steel) is supplied with a 25 year warranty……Hows that for piece of mind.


    Details and Features (17 tools)

    420HC stainless steel clip point knife
    420HC sheepsfoot serrated blade
    Needlenose pliers
    Regular pliers
    Wire cutters
    Hard wire cutters
    Wire stripper
    Large screwdriver
    Small bit driver
    Large bit drive
    Wood/metal file
    Diamond coated file
    Bottle opener
    Can opener
    8″ | 19cm ruler

    Included bits: Phillips & flat tip eyeglasses screwdriver bit, Phillips #1-2 & 3/16″ bit

    Leatherman Wavemulti-Tool With Nylon Pouch
  2. Tim_W_alaska

    Tim_W_alaska New Member eN Team Contributor

    has to be the best leatherman I've owned and lost multiple times.  ;)
  3. SinlessEarth

    SinlessEarth Member eN Team Contributor

    I have the black one and also a charge I think. Both are great. I also have a gerber multi tool but it feels cheap compared to a Leatherman. @Tim_W_alaska glad you keep finding yours haha.
  4. aka fusion

    aka fusion Admin Staff Member eN Team

    Yes I agree, it's not a cheap tool to lose, I wouldn't be happy with that. Glad you keep finding it also.
    I've had a variety of cheaper ones but the quality of a leatherman is noticeable.

    A smaller one may be handy, even if it just offers a substitution for the SAK

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