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We have dedicated this Page on the website, to provide a list of some interesting websites, products and resource links that you may find are of use to yourselves

Some of these we personally use ourselves and others have been recommended to us.

If you have a recommendation or maybe you have website or business and would like to be added to the links list then please Contact Us

Anything can happen whether at home, in our great outdoors, or on the roads. To protect yourself and your family during any emergency, your best defense and means to get out on the other side is to be prepared. Whether for an individual, a family, or municipal government, we want to help to be able to help yourselves.

We carry a wide variety of supplies and products to help you become more prepared for life's many emergencies and live more self-reliant from a system of processed chemical laced GMO foods, and over-bearing systems of dependencies.

We hope to pass on knowledge of simple life skills and independent sovereignty and the tools to do so.

Westshield Outpost


With over 6 years of service our main goal has always been to supply a stable platform for all accounts based in our servers.

Double redundant storage of your data combined with our meshed InfiniBand networking offers speeds that are several times faster than those found with conventional network storage. G.C. Solutions offers better performance, free redundancy . G.C. Solutions has created a system that makes life easier for website owners, offering powerful tools to help you to perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably.

G.C. Solutions is a one stop provider for your personal and or business website.

GC Solutions


Survival Info
Survival Info – A private social network for people into bushcraft, survivalists, preppers, nature lovers, homesteaders, wild fooders, foragers and anybody with an interest in surviving and thriving, here and now, no matter what the situation may be.


Welcome to the Fishing For Disabled Kids Website!

Our aim is to get kids with disabilities out fishing with friends and family to show that a disability doesn’t have to stop you enjoying things that others do.

Fishing for Disabled kids


Rapid Survival, we are a value-oriented online store that specializes in the sales and supply of emergency survival kits and supplies. We also provide equipment to police, fire service and paramedics.

Our mission is to offer our customers fast and easy access to quality 72 hour survival kits and emergency survival equipment for all types of emergency situations. Rapid Survival is owned by an emergency services worker who noticed the lack of emergency preparedness planning by families and individuals. As such, he created Rapid Survival in response to the growing demand in quality 72 hour emergency survival kits.

Rapid Survival provides quality products that exceed industry standards, we pride ourselves providing quality 72 hour survival products at competitive prices. Rapid Survival Started in Oct 2015, with the purpose of providing the means necessary for people to be prepared for any emergency, crisis or disaster. We supply the best emergency survival kits for individuals, families, and businesses.

Rapid Survival


Apr 13, 2014
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