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by aka fusion at 8:10 AM
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Review - Coast HL5 LED Head Torch

I was looking for a new head lamp,initially to add to my BOB, so I went to a local electrical wholesaler to see what they had.

The Coast range of kit is a new line they were doing and I haven't come across them before, they had 2 types on sale ,both were LED , one was stating 144 lumen output the other 175 lumen.
I decided to go for the latter mainly as I didn't want to think later shouldn't have I gone gone for the brighter one...
by Ryan Banman at 6:58 PM
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So I finally got around to trying this. I read it on another forum.

Rinse out a 2L bottle and wait till its completely dry. Then fill with any staple food item you plan to store (whole grains, rice, flour, etc.). I filled mine with whole grains of oats.

There are specific oxygen absorbers for this task, which after a bunch of looking around, I recommend. They do tend to be cheaper via bulk, but when you buy a pack of 100 they all come in the same bag and when it's opened they're all sacking oxygen. So it's important to reseal any you don't use in any given storage session.

I don't have...
by aka fusion at 7:39 PM
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We are going to make a dedicated effort this season to use pumpkins and squash more, I also didn't realise that if stored correctly they will last all winter

The ability to store pumpkins and winter squashes for up to 6 months adds to the pleasure of growing them.
In the link are a few guidelines worth following to ensure they store well

by aka fusion at 9:28 AM
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With the easily available products that offer GPS, from our smartphones to dedicated GPS devices, the use of maps seem greatly reduced.

I must be honest I don't use a map very often as it's simple, you jump in the car and stick on the satnav.
But it's something I need to relearn.

Attached is a nice help document
by thecrownsown at 10:03 AM
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So, again cost wise...we got sick of replacing food every 2 - 3 years and even though we eat most of it, its costly, and a pain in the rear.  We got into long term food storage.  20 and 30+ year shelf life.

Tried this one out in Toronto, and it was quick, efficient, and for the amount of food I got it was pretty cheap:


They seem to have locations world wide.  A caveat, they...
by thecrownsown at 9:54 AM
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EMO (Emergency Management Ontario) says to store minimum 3L of water, per person, per day. 2L for consumption and food prep and 1L for hygiene.
Thats a lot of water to try and store...and if you have to replace it every couple of years it can hit the pocket book.

What we do....well, we store about 100L of water for immediate use...but as for that we also Own a Berkey Water filter.  So far as I can tell, its the best unit for the money on the market.
It will even take out radioactive nucleotides. The model we have is good for 4000Gal of water purification.
The filters don't have a shelf...
by M8 at 9:22 PM
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I just finished wiping down my knifes and guns with gun oil, where I live it gets extremely humid and we all know what moisture does to metal. I try to do this 3 or 4 times a year but to be honestly I'm happy if I do it 2 times a year just because life gets hectic and I'm very good at procrastinating. I just wasn't there to remind anyone like me to keep your tools maintained. I hope everybody is having a wonderful week so far.
by Ryan Banman at 4:35 AM
(1,219 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey all, here is a very neat portable food cooking tool that requires no fuel, but uses the sun itself. It's called the Go Sun Stove.

Check it here

*disclaimer, I haven't actually used it, but I do plan to get it myself. Jack Spearko from from The Survival Podcast endorses it. He's a pretty straight up kind of guy, so I more or less trust his judgment.
by aka fusion at 4:04 PM
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Cockle is the common name for a group of (mostly) small, edible, saltwater clams, marine bivalve molluscs in the family Cardiidae.
Various species of cockles live in sandy sheltered beaches throughout the world.

The distinctive rounded shells of cockles are symmetrical, and are heart-shaped when viewed from the end. In most but not all genera there are numerous radial ribs.

Cockles are a popular type of edible shellfish in both Eastern and Western cooking.
They are collected by raking them from the sands at low tide.

The cockle industry has largely existed in the same way since the...
by aka fusion at 4:01 PM
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Laver is an edible seaweed that has a high mineral salt content, particularly iodine and iron. It is used for making laverbread, a traditional Welsh dish
Laver is common around the west coast of Britain and east coast of Ireland along the Irish Sea
Laver is unique among seaweeds because it is only one cell thick.
It is smooth and fine, often clinging to rocks. The principal variety is purple laver (Porphyra laciniata/Porphyra umbilicalis).
This tends to be a brownish colour, but boils down to a dark green pulp when prepared. The high iodine content gives the seaweed a distinctive flavour in...